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Nothing is more significant for us than your child's safety. We at Pool Barrier of Arizona are committed to protect pools with the industry best mesh pool fencing to ensure your family is safe and secure.

Drowning is the single highest cause of children’s' death near pools and we do not like to see that happen. We are here to see that every pool is protected with our mesh pool fences. Enjoy the time with your children by the pool; however make sure it is fenced by us. This will ensure your pool area is a safe and enjoyable place to relax.

Our pool fencing assures no accidents and lets you live in peace. It is a matter of seconds before any untoward incident can occur and that is why we do not want you to take any chances. Avoid any anxious moments!

We love what we do and are dedicated to saving the lives of children. We strive to ensure no pool tragedies and will continue to do so for the years to come.

Fun and safety should go together to cherish those wonderful moments later. Negligence of safety measures can lead to irreversible tragedies that can lead to regret and suffering in life! Avoid any possibility and take action!

If you are looking for Arizona mesh pool fencing, feel free to call us @ 602-626-5926 or request a free estimate online!

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Why Choose Our Mesh Pool Fencing?

  • We are the industry leaders in mesh pool fencing.
  • We use only top quality materials for mesh pool fence construction.
  • You get to benefit from our lifetime pool fence warranty.
  • Our mesh pool fence is the highest secured pool fencing available.
  • Your pool safety is our priority!
  • Our mesh pool fencing is convenient and removable.
  • You will also love the aesthetics.
  • We offer free pool fence estimates.
  • We offer a wide range of colors to choose from.
  • Our mesh pool fence requires minimal maintenance. It is also indestructible.
  • Our product is time tested. So you need not think twice before purchasing from us.
  • We tailor the design to suit your needs.
  • We make sure that all entry points to the pool are blocked.
  • We make a detailed examination of your house and pool and see to it that your child and pets get sufficient space for play before fencing.
  • We offer timely service.
  • We complete our job on schedule.
  • Your convenience matters for us.
  • We are licensed, bonded and insured.
  • A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau.


solid mesh pool fence pole


The poles of our fences are the strongest in the industry. They are the best available in the market. The solid pole construction has 1/8" solid, tough aluminum exterior wall.

The solid aluminum core can only be bent, but you can never break it! Aluminum gives excellent strength besides resisting environmental pollution.

The poles are given a powder coat finish that will never rust. They are made to be resistant to changing weathers. So they look brand new even after years! This finish make the poles look attractive besides ensuring durability.

They are also low on maintenance. No heat or impact can affect our poles. They have an unbelievable aesthetic and we like to let you know that your child will have no injury or abrasions.

Moreover you will be benefiting from lifetime warranty against pole breakage.


mesh pool fence stitching


Mesh is an important component of pool fence. We use only the strongest and most transparent mesh. Our mesh is made from Textilene, a woven polyester mesh known for durability.

It is coated with a marine grade polyvinyl and the basket weave is infused with UV inhibitors. The knit of the mesh is continuous -this ensures uniformity and quality. The continuity also gives excellent strength.

The tensile strength is rated over 387 pounds per square inch. The material can withstand both cold and hot temperatures and is retardant to flame.

Do not worry about fading or shrinkage, our mesh is intended to give you peace, not concern! Our mesh is made in the U.S and it is time tested- we have used this mesh for fencing for over 25 years now.


We are the industry leaders and use only Quad stitch border. We use the highest grade marine thread and ensure 4 stitches to make the border strong and durable.

The border needs to keep the mesh knit in place and hold it strongly to the pole and we make sure it does not unravel or snag.

The border is as important as the mesh itself. Our mesh pool fence border is of world class quality and we take pride for that!


mesh pool fence latch

Our pool fence latches are nickel- plated with a stainless steel spring. It would never rust, corrode or tarnish. Our latches- The Magna Latches are one of the strongest you can find. It is trustworthy besides being attractive.

Our high performing latches are magnetically triggered and come with a key lockable safety. Moreover they are self- latching and in agreement with Consumer Product Safety Commission requirements.

The operation of Magna Latch are a revolution in the safety of pools. The secure latching gives no room for disengaging. No jamming, no sagging with the supreme Magna Latch!

It doesn't matter whether you are a left- handed or a right- handed parent, the latches are designed to suit both.


mesh pool fence gate arizona

The way through the fence is more important than the fence itself. Do you know that the CPSC and the Academy of Pediatrics recommend a self- closing, self- latching gate?

We adhere to these and have designed our product so. Our gates are the strongest in the industry and are made of 1 1/4" heavy gauge aluminum. They are the most reliable mitered double truss system.

As an adult, you will find the gates easy to remove using adjustable locking bottom brackets. So when you are out there, you can remove the gates and have open access to your pool.

Our gates are also more flexible with options for left and right entries. The locking system is magnetic and is proven and tested over the years. They come with a key lockable feature and have an exclusive arched top giving it an elegant look. What's more? They are fully backed by our Lifetime warranty!

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We Save Lives!

When you purchase a pool fence it will save lives! It could be your child or a neighbor's. Child safety cannot be ignored and we have been working to create awareness about it. Our mesh pool fence is affordable and the quality is unmatched. You would be certainly happy for having chosen us!

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We believe that each pool in Arizona needs to be fenced in order to save lives. We cater to both residential and commercial clients. We are serious about our job because, safety of children is not an issue that can be taken lightly.

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