Pool Fence Features



pool fence features

Manufactured from Textilene®, a durable polyester woven mesh coated in a marine grade polyvinyl, the continuous knit of the Textilene® mesh ensures uniformity, a quality appearance and a superior tensile strength. It is so strong that it will resist tearing even if cut. Not even a high speed tricycle will penetrate it..

This material is flame retardant, heat sealable and stable in either hot or cold temperatures. Textilene® is resilient to abrasion, mildew and bacteria and does not hold or absorb water. The Pool Barrier of Arizona fencing is resistant to fading, deterioration and or shrinkage.

Textilene® is regarded as one of the most effective materials for Pool Barrier of Arizona fencing as the mesh provides no holes for little fingers and toes and is considered virtually climb proof. Best of all we are now proud to offer our exclusive Pool Barrier of Arizona fence in a variety of colors, including BLACK, BROWN, GREEN, BEIGE & WHITE just to name a few.


pool fence features

A reliable fence requires top-grade poles, and ours are the best available. The poles are extruded T-6063 aluminum, a grade commonly found in the marine industry and built to withstand natures ever changing seasons. They are one inch in diameter and have a wall thickness of .063 inches. Added strength and rigidity is achieved with our unique internal Tri-Core™ pole, designed for us by our engineers. Aluminum combines light weight with exceptional strength and resists environmental pollution and chemical corrosion.


pool fence features

Pool Barrier of Arizona poles are further enhanced by a special finish of powder coating. This process gives the Tri-Core™ pole an attractive, extremely durable finish which offers excellent resistance to corrosion, heat, impact, fading from sunlight and extreme weather. Powder coating has the same hardness of chrome and can take a strike without chipping. Since we do all of our powder coating in house our exclusive Tri-Core™ poles are available in a variety of colors including BLACK, BROWN, GREEN, BEIGE & WHITE just to name a few.


pool fence features

Pool Barrier of Arizona child resistant safety fence is available in 42", 48" and 60" heights. Mesh and Pole colors include Brown, Black, Green, Beige, White + Other Options. All of our fences come in 6, 9, 12, 15, and 18 foot sections. Our self closing and self latching gate will precisely match our fence height and color options.


Special attention is given to our screws. Not a glamorous topic to be sure. We use self-tapping Tek screws that have been coated with a primer and three coats of liquid ceramic coatings. The final coat is a color. They are ¼ inch HEX head drives for easy assembly. The screws are driven through the outer diameter of the pole and into the Tri-Core center portion for added strength.



Poles are inserted into deck sleeves that are fitted into holes drilled in the concrete deck. Our deck sleeves are made of space age polymers designed to withstand continual outdoor use. They are engineered and made specifically for us and have a ribbed feature inside and out that gives extra gripping power. This ensures a tight, good looking fence installation.




pool fence features

The Pool Barrier of Arizona gate is hinged, with an automatic latch; 32" inches wide, it is constructed from sturdy, custom- extruded aircraft grade aluminum.

Gate hardware includes adjustable self- closing hinges, top and bottom strike plates, and a magnetic latch that is self-latching and key-lockable. This latch is in accordance with Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) requirements.

Gates are installed opening away from the pool according to CPSC to ensure that children cannot push the gate open to gain access to the pool area

pool fence features

Your Pool Barrier of Arizona safety fence is installed with two Tru- Close® hinges. Tru-Close® safety gate hinges from the makers of the award winning Magna-Latch® are injection-molded from special glass-fiber reinforced polymer materials. These UV-stabilized materials provide strong, rust free hinges that won't bind, sag or stain and never require lubrication. The unique, spring-loaded adjustor within Tru-Close® hinges allows quick incremental tension adjustment using only a screwdriver. Easy and safe the Tru-Close® gate hinges feature:

  • No footing Hinge top
  • Molded, reinforced polymer construction
  • Unique patented tension adjustment
  • Internal stainless steel spring closer
  • Weather resistant self lubricating materials
  • Alignment legs for extra fitting strength
  • No rusting, sagging or staining
  • No unsightly external spring
  • Smooth even closure
pool fence features

Pool Barrier of Arizona uses the world-renowned Magna-Latch® for its self- closing, self-latching gates. The Magna-Latch® is commonly regarded as the best latch available. This gate latch has won accolades and awards worldwide for its outstanding design and consistently accurate performance. The Top Pull Magna- Latch® is adaptable and can be installed so that its release knob is out of a small child's reach.


  • Highly child resistant
  • Magnetically triggered latching
  • Key lockable safety
  • Adjusts horizontally and vertically
  • Patented lost motion technology
  • Latches in the locked position
  • Won't disengage when shaken or pulled
  • No mechanical jamming during closure
  • Exceptional reliability
  • No rusting, binding, or staining

Magna-Latch® self-closing, self-latching gate.

pool fence features



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