Pool Safety

Each year, hundreds of young children die and thousands come close to death due to submersion in residential swimming pools. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has estimated that each year about 300 children under 5 years old drown in swimming pools. The Commission estimates hospital emergency room treatment is required for more than 2,000 children under 5 years of age who were submerged in residential pools.

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In almost 70% of the cases, the parents were at home supervising the child when the accident occurred. Frequently they recall that they had seen the child just moments before the accident. Most often the parent or caregiver was very close to the child but rarely report hearing a splash or a cry for help.

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Why weren't these children prevented access to the pool? Well in most cases, the families were unaware that Pool Safety Fencing existed.


Pool Safety Experts recommend that there be layers of protection from the house to the pool that alerts caregivers and prevents toddlers from gaining access to the family swimming pool. These include:


  • Close parental supervision
  • Door alarms that sound when door is accessed
  • Self latching gates on perimeter yard fences
  • Child Resistant pool fencing
  • Swim lessons
  • CPR training
  • Pool Alarms
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Each of the items listed are useful, and certainly play their part in swimming pool safety, but only one is recognized as an effective tool in keeping the toddler away from the potential source of danger, giving the parents time to react .


As recognition for this product grows, cities and counties around the country are placing into law the need for an effective Barrier between the residence and the pool. Where this tactic has been employed, toddler drowning has been reduced substantially.

pool safety arizona



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