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At Pool Barrier of Arizona, your child’s safety is our top priority. Our industry-standard mesh pool fencing ensures that your family is protected and secure, giving you peace of mind. With accidents happening in a matter of seconds, we understand that safety is crucial, which is why we offer reliable mesh pool fencing to help you avoid any anxious moments. Trust us to keep your loved ones safe.

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What are Mesh Pool Fences?

Mesh pool fences are barriers made of a durable and flexible mesh fabric that surrounds the perimeter of a swimming pool. They are designed to be removable and easy to install, making them an excellent choice for both residential and commercial properties. Mesh pool fences come in various colors, heights, and styles, making them a versatile and customizable safety solution.

Why Choose Our Mesh Pool Fencing?

When it comes to pool safety, choosing the right fence is critical. We are the industry leaders in mesh pool fencing, and we use only top-quality materials for construction. Our mesh pool fence is the highest secured pool fencing available, and we prioritize your pool safety above all else. Our fencing is convenient and removable, and you will love the aesthetics. We offer free pool fence estimates and a wide range of colors to choose from.

Benefits of Our Mesh Pool Fencing

Our mesh pool fence requires minimal maintenance and is indestructible, making it a time-tested product you can trust. We tailor the design to suit your needs and make sure that all entry points to the pool are blocked. Our detailed examination of your house and pool ensures that your child and pets get sufficient space for play before fencing. We offer timely service and complete our job on schedule. Your convenience matters to us, and we are licensed, bonded, and insured with an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Mesh Pool Fence Poles

solid mesh pool fence pole

The poles of our fences are the strongest in the industry. They are the best available in the market. The solid pole construction has 1/8″ solid, tough aluminum exterior wall.

The solid aluminum core can only be bent, but you can never break it! Aluminum gives excellent strength besides resisting environmental pollution.

The poles are given a powder coat finish that will never rust. They are made to be resistant to changing weathers. So they look brand new even after years! This finish make the poles look attractive besides ensuring durability.

They are also low on maintenance. No heat or impact can affect our poles. They have an unbelievable aesthetic and we like to let you know that your child will have no injury or abrasions.

Moreover you will be benefiting from lifetime warranty against pole breakage.

Mesh Fabric and Stitching

mesh pool fence stitching

Mesh is an important component of pool fence. We use only the strongest and most transparent mesh. Our mesh is made from Textilene, a woven polyester mesh known for durability.

It is coated with a marine grade polyvinyl and the basket weave is infused with UV inhibitors. The knit of the mesh is continuous -this ensures uniformity and quality. The continuity also gives excellent strength.

The tensile strength is rated over 387 pounds per square inch. The material can withstand both cold and hot temperatures and is retardant to flame.

Do not worry about fading or shrinkage, our mesh is intended to give you peace, not concern! Our mesh is made in the U.S and it is time tested- we have used this mesh for fencing for over 25 years now.

Mesh Fence Borders

mesh pool fence borders

Our industry-leading mesh fence borders use only Quad stitch border and the highest-grade marine thread to ensure four stitches and durability. The border keeps the mesh knit in place and holds it strongly to the pole without unraveling or snagging.

Mesh Gate Latches

mesh pool fence latch

Our mesh pool fence latches are nickel-plated with a stainless steel spring, ensuring that they never rust, corrode, or tarnish. Our latches, the Magna Latches, are one of the strongest available and are trustworthy and attractive. They are magnetically triggered, key lockable, self-latching, and in agreement with Consumer Product Safety Commission requirements. The secure latching gives no room for disengaging, no jamming, and no sagging with the supreme Magna Latch.

Mesh Fence Gates

mesh pool fence gate arizona

Our mesh pool fence gates are the strongest in the industry and made of 1 1/4″ heavy gauge aluminum with a mitered double truss system. They are easy to remove with adjustable locking bottom brackets and have options for left and right entries. The locking system is magnetic and tested over the years, with an exclusive arched top for an elegant look. They are fully backed by our lifetime warranty.

Benefits of Mesh Pool Fences

Mesh pool fences offer several benefits over traditional pool fences, including:


Mesh pool fences are designed to prevent children and pets from accessing the pool area without adult supervision. They are strong and durable enough to withstand impact and resist climbing, making them a reliable safety barrier.

Easy Installation and Removal

Mesh pool fences can be installed and removed quickly and easily, making them a convenient option for homeowners who want to enjoy their pool without a permanent fence. They can be installed on any surface, including concrete, grass, and pavers, without damaging the property.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Mesh pool fences are available in a variety of colors and styles, allowing homeowners to choose a design that complements their property’s aesthetic. They are a stylish and attractive addition to any backyard.


Mesh pool fences are more affordable than traditional pool fences, which require significant installation and maintenance costs. They offer a cost-effective solution to pool safety without sacrificing style or functionality.

Installation Process

The installation process for mesh pool fences is straightforward and can be completed by most homeowners. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Measure the perimeter of your pool area to determine the amount of fencing required.
  2. Choose the height and style of your mesh pool fence.
  3. Mark the location of the fence posts around the pool perimeter.
  4. Drill holes for the fence posts and insert them into the ground.
  5. Attach the mesh panels to the fence posts using the provided hardware.
  6. Adjust the tension of the mesh panels to ensure a secure and stable fence.

Maintenance and Care

Mesh pool fences require minimal maintenance and care to remain in good condition. Here are some tips to keep your fence looking and functioning its best:

  • Clean the mesh panels regularly using a mild detergent and a soft brush.
  • Rinse the mesh panels with a hose to remove any debris or dirt.
  • Inspect the fence posts and hardware periodically for damage or wear.
  • Adjust the tension of the mesh panels as needed to maintain a secure fence.

Design & Color Options

Mesh pool fences are available in various designs, colors, and styles to suit any property’s aesthetic. Some popular design options include:

Black Mesh Fence

Black mesh pool fences offer a sleek and modern look that complements any backyard. They are a popular choice for contemporary and minimalist homes.

Brown Mesh Fence

Brown mesh pool fences offer a natural and earthy look that blends seamlessly with the landscape. They are an excellent choice for homes with a rustic or organic aesthetic.

Custom Colors

Mesh pool fences can be customized to match any color scheme, making them a versatile and personalized option for homeowners. You can choose a color that complements your pool tiles or complements the exterior of your home.


Mesh pool fences are an excellent choice for homeowners who want a stylish and affordable solution to pool safety. They offer several benefits over traditional pool fences, including easy installation and removal, customization and low maintenance. When choosing a mesh pool fence, consider factors such as the height, color, and style that best fit your property’s aesthetic. With proper installation and maintenance, a mesh pool fence can provide reliable and long-lasting safety for your family and pets.


1. Can mesh pool fences be installed on uneven ground?

Yes, mesh pool fences can be installed on uneven ground, including grass, pavers, and sloped terrain. The fence posts can be adjusted to accommodate the surface’s irregularities, providing a secure and stable fence.

2. How long does it take to install a mesh pool fence?

The installation time for a mesh pool fence depends on several factors, including the size and shape of the pool area, the terrain, and the number of panels required. However, most installations can be completed in a few hours or less.

3. Are mesh pool fences easy to remove?

Yes, mesh pool fences are designed to be easy to remove and reinstall. They can be removed quickly and without any damage to the surrounding landscape or property.

4. How do I clean my mesh pool fence?

To clean your mesh pool fence, use a mild detergent and a soft brush to scrub the mesh panels. Rinse the panels thoroughly with a hose to remove any debris or dirt.

5. Are mesh pool fences safe for children and pets?

Yes, mesh pool fences are designed to provide a safe barrier to prevent children and pets from accessing the pool area without adult supervision. They are strong and durable enough to resist climbing and impact, making them a reliable safety solution.