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Above is an 18 FOOT section of our fence, weighing a mere 12 pounds.

The Pool Barrier of Arizona Removable Pool Fence is a concentric tension-based fencing system that uses a series of 18-foot sections of fencing panels with poles placed at 36″ intervals. The panels are manufactured from Textilene®, a transparent polyester woven mesh coated in a marine-grade polyvinyl.

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Design and Features

The fence is anchored into non-conducting, non-corrosive polypropylene sleeves that are core-drilled four inches deep into the pool’s decking or other solid surfaces. The fencing panels are connected at the top of each pole by a two-inch lockable safety latch. The fence is easily removable by adults only and simple to reinstall. We provide deck caps to cover the deck sleeves when the fence is not in use to give a finished look.

Installing on Various Surfaces

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The primary area for the pool fence positioning should be across a solid surface such as concrete, pavestone, flagstone, or coated concrete decks. Sometimes the path of the removable pool fence traverses across areas where there is only grass or dirt. In these situations, concrete footings or two-foot dirt spikes are used at every fence post interval.

Surrounding the Pool

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In most cases, the fence should be positioned a minimum of 24 inches from the water’s edge. This makes it safer for you and your children or guests to walk around safely inside the fence while maintaining the pool, or retrieving a person or object from the pool. We do not recommend the fence be located any closer than 18 inches from the water’s edge for safety reasons. Swimmers need space to pull themselves out of the water and to sit on the edge of the pool.

Professional Design and Installation

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When you and our technicians plan the installation of a Pool Barrier of Arizona child safety pool fence, it will be customized and individually designed to your specific needs. We want to make sure it will effectively block all access points to the pool area. We also consider yard maintenance, pool equipment, play areas for children, and access to grass for pets. A Pool Barrier of Arizona representative will be happy to provide you with a free in-home safety survey, design, and cost estimate based on the configuration of your pool and yard. Simply give us a call at (602) 626-5926 to schedule an appointment today or click here for a free estimate.

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