3 Common Issues with Pool Fencing

A swimming pool without proper pool fencing can turn out to be dangerous. The risk multiplies when you have young kids, pets, and elderly loved ones at home. While pool fencing enhances the safety of your pool, several issues with pool fencing may arise that can affect the effectiveness of your pool’s fence.

Let’s look at some common issues with pool fencing that can compromise the fence’s effectiveness and functionality.

#1. Pool Fencing with Inappropriate Height

To provide maximum security and benefits, your pool fencing needs to be of appropriate height. When consulting a pool fencing contractor, make sure you choose an appropriate height for your pool’s fence. Only a pool fence with appropriate height will offer security and reduce the risk of accidents and falls in the pool.

#2. Pool Gates are Not Self-Closing

When installing a pool fence, you need to ensure that the gates are self-closing. If you choose gates that are not self-closing, you may expose your family and loved ones to a security hazard. When choosing gates that close automatically, you can rest assured that no person or your pet can get into the danger zone. It is particularly helpful if you have young kids and pets at home as a self-closing latch and gate can keep them out of the area around the pool when they are not supposed to be there.

#3. High Maintenance Fence

One of the common issues with pool fencing can be the need for maintenance. It is usually a concern when choosing a fencing material with high maintenance needs, such as natural wood. This type of material can be hard to maintain, especially when used for pool fencing as it is close to the pool. However, you can still use wood as a pool fencing material, but it needs to be stained.

Alternatively, you can choose pool fencing materials, such as aluminum and vinyl, which require little or no maintenance and also help meet your security and privacy needs.

How to Avoid Common Issues with Pool Fence?

The issues with the pool fence highlighted above may be common, but you can avoid them by working with a reliable pool fencing contractor, such as Pool Barriers of Arizona. The specialists at Pool Barriers of Arizona help you choose the best fence for your pool. Moreover, the fencing experts can also guide you so you can avoid all of the common issues with the pool fence. We can make sure that our experts give you the best possible solution at the most economical price so your pool can be a happy place for your family.

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