6 Ways of Childproofing Your Swimming Pool

Having a swimming pool at your property is cool, but not with children around. If there is a swimming pool in your backyard and you’ve children at home, you need to be extra vigilant to prevent any unpleasant accidents from happening.

Children are adorable little schemers that always have something or the other going on in their minds. Even if you’ve instructed them a thousand times not to go near the pool without supervision, they’ll find a way to dodge you. It means there is no space for you to take a risk. If you’ve got a swimming pool at home, it has to be childproofed.

Let’s have a look at several ways how you can childproof your swimming pool.

1. Install Pool Safety Cover

Pool safety covers are the sure-shot way of keeping your child from getting into the pool, willingly or accidentally. If you’ve had a professional to install the pool safety cover, it can support as much as an adult’s weight which means, your child will be absolutely safe. When wondering how to go about childproofing the swimming pool, the installation of the pool safety covers is the simplest and the most cost-effective way of doing it.

2. Pool Fence

Having your swimming pool surrounded by a pool fence is also a great way of childproofing the swimming pool. A pool fence will cordon off the pool area completely. Having a locked or latched gate installed with the pool fence will serve as an additional safety barrier that will have your mind at peace even when you aren’t around your kids.

3. Safety Alarms

If you’re willing to invest in a reliable pool safety system, pool safety alarms are probably the best option. It involves a laser beam surrounding the pool area. The alarm is triggered when a laser beam is broken, which happens with someone passes through it. The moment your child enters the range of the laser, you’ll hear a heart-shattering alarm!

4. Pool Equipment

Pool equipment like a pool heater, filters, and other such tools should be kept behind sturdy walls or fences to keep kids away. Children are incredibly nosey, and they will try to get into anything unusual they see around. To make that your child doesn’t get hurt due to any of the pool equipment, keep all the tools well beyond their reach.

5. Pool Cleaning Tools

Pool chemicals used for pool cleaning should be kept away from the reach of children, preferably in the same fenced area where you store the pool heater and other equipment. Exposure to these chemicals can be harmful to children, and therefore, strict measures should be taken to keep them away.

6. Pool Deck Upkeep

Another vital factor to take care of when childproofing the swimming pool is to look after the pool deck’s upkeep. Make sure the deck isn’t damaged or broken that might result in a trip hazard.


Childproofing the swimming pool is extremely important if you have a swimming pool and children at home. It is not possible to keep your eyes on your child all the time, which makes childproofing the swimming pool all more important. Hire a professional for installing a pool fence, pool safety cover, or whatever measures you would like to take.