A Pool Safety Cover Buying Guide to Help You Choose the Best

A swimming pool on your property is undoubtedly one of the best features that you can invest in. Not only does it make your property look fancy and attractive, but it also opens doors to endless fun activities that you can do right at home. From summer picnic to poolside parties, you can have it all without having to go anywhere.

There’s no denying the fact that having a swimming pool at home is cool, but you can’t close your eyes to the safety concerns it’s associated with, especially if you’ve got children and pets at home. To make your swimming pool a safe place to be, you’ve got to invest in pool safety measures like a pool safety cover.

Finding the best pool safety cover can be challenging. If it’s your first time buying a pool safety cover, you may make use of our pool safety cover buying guide. Let’s get into it right away!

Invest In Mesh Pool Covers

Pool safety covers are made of either a mesh material or solid material. You should invest in a mesh pool safety cover. This type of pool cover allows rainwater and water from melting of snow to flow into the pool, so you don’t have to worry about draining it all off the cover, as in the case of solid pool covers. Also, larger debris like leaves can simply be brushed off the surface. While solid pool covers limit the evaporation of pool water, they’re more at risk of tearing from the weight of snow or rainwater if not drained as soon as the weight starts to build up on the cover. Mesh pool covers give more peace of mind along with pool safety.

Buy a 3’ Pool Cover

Pool covers have either 3’ squares or 5’ squares. It may not seem like a significant difference, it surely is. The pool safety covers with 3’ square grids have more anchor points than 5’ squares that make this type of pool covers stronger. They’re even suitable to be used over irregularly-shaped swimming pools.

Quality of Stitching

Pool safety covers aren’t made of a single piece of fabric but comprise several smaller pieces stitched together. Therefore, the quality of stitching can say a lot about the quality of the pool cover as a whole. Stitching is of two types; triple stitching and box stitching. Triple stitching involves the stitching in 3 rows, whereas, in box stitching, the stitches appear as a box that adds more strength to the cover. So when buying a pool safety cover, it’s best to buy one that has box stitching.

Buy a Cover with Raised Rub Strip

Pool safety covers with a raised rub strip will increase the lifespan of the cover. It’s because the cover won’t rub against the coping, which usually results in excessive wear and tear of the pool safety cover. So, always check whether the cover you’re buying has a raised rub strip or not.

Pool safety covers having the above-mentioned features may be more expensive. However, considering the pool safety cover that you’re buying has all of the above features will ensure that your cover lasts longer and provides the safety that you want for your loved ones.