Here’s Why You Should Install a Pool Safety Fence for Your Dog

The thought of your dog drowning in the swimming pool is enough to send shivers down your spine. For most people, pet dogs are family, and they take their safety and wellbeing very seriously. If you’ve got a swimming pool within your property but don’t have a pool pet fence installed, ask yourself – are you doing enough to keep your beloved dog safe and secure?

It’s crucial to have a pool safety fence in place if you’ve got a pet dog around for a number of reasons. You may think that you can keep an eye on your dog at all times, but that’s practically impossible.

Below are the many reasons why we put so much stress on installing a pool safety fence for your dogs on a priority basis.

Dogs Can Drown

If you think dogs can’t drown because they know how to swim, you’re highly mistaken. Even the dog breeds that are good swimmers like Poodles and Labradors can drown. They may not be able to hoist themselves out of the pool when they need to due to a number of reasons that can lead to them drowning. They may not be able to find the steps out of the pool or fail to climb the ladder. Whatever the reason is, keep in mind that the best of swimmers can drown. Therefore, you should install a pet pool fence to make sure your dog doesn’t stroll to the pool unsupervised.

Dogs Can’t Cry for Help

If your dog accidentally slips into the pool when you aren’t around, you’ll never know until it’s too late. Dogs can’t call out for help (bark or cry) when submerged in water. If you aren’t nearby, you won’t know that your dog has fallen into the pool. Your best bet at keeping your dog safe is to install a pet pool fence so that your dog doesn’t go near the pool when you aren’t around to keep an eye on them,

Water Filtration System Lasts Longer

Dog hair can choke the water filtration system. If there’s a pool that your dog has free access to, you’ll have a hard time keeping them away. The more the dog stays in the water, the more hair there will be. Installing a pool safety fence will prove highly beneficial for your pool’s water filtration system.


A pet pool fence will also keep children and wild animals away from your pool, ensuring that your children and other animals that may find their way into your property stay safe too. You can’t possibly keep an eye on your pet dog and children all the time. Installing a pool safety fence is the only way you can make your pool and property children and pet-friendly.

Investing in a high-quality pool safety fence is every bit worth it. Choose the right fence material and size and hire the right pool fence professionals to ensure your pet dog’s safety.