How Can You Tell You Need to Replace Your Pool Safety Cover

Pool safety covers are so much more than just covers. They keep dirt and debris from entering the pool, reduce the water evaporation from the pool during hot summer days, regulate swimming pool water temperature to a certain limit, extend your swimming season, and offer an additional layer of safety. The numerous benefits make the installation of a pool safety cover totally worth the cost.

No matter how good the quality of a pool safety cover is, it will need to be replaced at some point. A pool safety cover is continually exposed to weather elements that owe to its periodic wear and tear. A worn-out pool safety cover doesn’t offer the efficiency that’s expected from a pool safety cover.

We’ve listed down some signs that indicate that you need to replace your pool safety cover sooner than later to help you decide if it’s the time for you to get a new pool safety pool cover.

Discoloration and Staining

A pool safety cover is exposed to the UV rays of sunlight all the time. UV rays are harsh and can have detrimental effects on anything that is exposed to it for prolonged periods of time. UV rays can lead to the discoloration of your pool safety cover. A discolored pool safety cover looks old and worn out, even if it still efficient. Moreover, if your pool safety cover has gotten tough stains that won’t wash away, it’s a sign that you need to replace your pool safety cover if you want to keep your pool area looking nice.

Stiff and Brittle Cover

Pool safety covers are not stiff. They are thick and durable but significantly flexible. It is because they’ve to bear stress and weight from the overlying debris, dirt, and snow in winters. If a pool cover isn’t flexible, it won’t withstand the pressure over it and give way as a result. If you observe that your pool cover has lost its flexibility and has started to feel stiff and brittle, it’s high time to replace your pool safety cover.


If your pool safety covers have developed holes or tears, you should know that your pool cover is no more useful for you. It won’t prevent the entry of dirt and debris into the swimming pool, nor would it enhance your pool’s aesthetics. A punctured pool safety cover’s integrity is compromised, and it is less likely to offer the safety you expect from it. So, if your pool has tears or holes anywhere on its surface, you should replace your pool safety cover right away!


A pool safety cover is a highly useful addition to the pool. It’s associated with numerous benefits. But a pool safety cover is only as good as long as it’s in good condition. An old, worn-out pool safety cover isn’t of any real use for you. It’s always better to have a pool safety cover professional to evaluate your pool safety cover to check if it’s time to get a new cover for your swimming pool!