How To Keep Your Children Safe Around Your Residential Swimming Pool

Having a pool at home sounds totally cool! You don’t have to plan an entire picnic to go to the water park and enjoy some cool splashes in the summer. You can have a soothing dive whenever you feel like it. However, if you’ve got a swimming pool at your property, there’s a major concern that you can’t overlook – your children’s safety.

You can’t have your eyes fixated on your children all the time. There are multiple incidents where children drown in pools. Even the thought of that happening is blood-chilling. However, by taking the right precautionary safety measures, you can ensure your child’s safety around the pool.

This blog post highlights all the ways in which you can make your residential pool safer for your children. Let’s dive right into what these are.

Install A Safety Pool Fence

First things first – install a safety pool fence around the pool area. The fence should be at least 4 feet tall. Ideally, the fence should have a door and a lock so that you can keep the pool area locked and out of reach of children when you aren’t around. The safety fence should be such that children can’t easily cross. Installing a pool safety fence is the first step that every homeowner must take to ensure their children’s swimming pool safety.

Install Safety Alarm

Another way to keep your children safe around the swimming pool is by installing safety alarms. These alarms can be installed at the door that leads to the swimming pool, below the water, or floating alarm that will go off as soon as it detects motion. This way, you’ll know right away if your children have sneaked into the poolside. You can immediately rush over and have them back inside.

Install Pool Safety Covers

You can also prevent any drowning incidents while you aren’t around by installing a pool safety cover. A pool safety cover is installed over the surface of the water. Even if your child somehow slips, the cover will keep them from getting into the water. Although a pool safety cover requires a lot of maintenance and upkeep, it definitely is a worthy investment for making your pool a safe place for the children.

Make Sure To Take All Pool Toys Out

A child wants what it wants, especially if it’s their favorite toy. If you leave your child’s toys in the pool, they might try to retrieve them and fall in the pool while at it. Therefore, another way that you ensure your children’s safety around the swimming pool is by ensuring that there is nothing in the pool that lures your child in.

Install Pool Drain Covers

The drains in the swimming pools have a very strong suction power. They can pull in your child’s hair or clothes and lead to extremely unforeseeable consequences. What you can do to prevent any such thing from happening is, install pool drain covers so that you can rest assured that your children are safe while they are enjoying the swimming pool.


Swimming pool safety is extremely vital, especially with children around. It’s not hard to achieve. There are numerous ways you can make your swimming pool safe, the primary being the installation of a safety pool fence. Get in touch with reliable pool fencing professionals and make your swimming pool safe!