Protective Layers Around Your Swimming Pool

Swimming pools are a luxury that everyone wants. However, the rising number of pool-drowning incidents across America indicates that homeowners should take some necessary steps to keep their pool areas secured.

The incidents where toddlers and young children have lost their lives have, in particular, worried all parents who want to take every possible action to ensure maximum security around their swimming pools.

This maximum security can be achieved if you install different protective layers along the perimeter of your swimming pool. Let’s have a look at these protective layers:

1. Pool Fencing

Pool fencing is perhaps the most common method of securing your swimming pool. The fence will deter your child from accessing the pool area. In fact, you can have a pet pool fence as well to prevent your furry friends from exploring the pool area and risking a possible accident.

2. Pool Alarms

Even with iron fencing, your children or pet can access the pool area without your supervision. You may be surprised to know that plenty of pool-drowning accidents have occured during the time when parents were at home. This means that you need a mechanism through which you will be alerted if someone has entered the pool.

For this purpose, pool alarms are the best thing to buy. They float on the surface of the pool and sound an alarm when the water is disturbed.

3. Self-closing Gates

Even though you can install a manual gate on your pool fence, self-closing and self-latching gates are perfect for better protection. Also, manual gates mean that you have to remember closing the gate. As a parent, you may take the responsibility, but what about the time when you have guests around or you have opened the gate for cleaning purposes? Your friends, relatives, colleagues, or landscapers may not close the gate properly. Since your child’s health is above everything else, it is best that you go with self-closing gates that offer optimal protection and safety.

4. Pool Gate Locks

If your children are big enough, they can easily open the pool gate. Pool gate locks are an added protective layer that will prevent children from accessing the pool area when you are not around.

5. Pool Covers

All the above-mentioned safety options will ensure that your child doesn’t access the swimming pool area. However, a situation may arise where your child has reached the pool area after miraculously bypassing all security points. In such a situation, and to avert any accident, the best way is to get a pool cover. Pool covers are laid down on the surface of the pool. This means that in an unfortunate event where your child or pet falls into the pool, they won’t come in direct contact with water. Also, if you have pool alarms, you will be notified of the mishap immediately, giving you enough time to rescue your children.


Pool safety is one of the biggest concerns of American households. It is good to have a vast swimming pool in your house, but it is equally important to ensure that the area is well-protected.