Which Pool Fence Is Right For Your Scottsdale Home?

When you picture your dream home, does it always have a pool? Making that dream come true is exciting for new homebuyers or those investing in a new swimming pool. Not only can you escape the summer heat by taking a dip in the pool anytime you want, but pools also add value to a property as well as improve a home’s aesthetic appeal. Swimming pools also come with additional considerations, however, such as providing adequate safety measures. In fact, most areas in and around Scottsdale Arizona require the installation of a pool safety barrier especially if children are present in the home.

Whether you’re overseeing the completion of a new pool or an old barrier needs replacement, you’ll need to consider the available options. Should you install an iron pool fence or a mesh pool fence in Scottsdale? Each fence option comes with it’s own set of specific benefits. Let’s break them down for a quick look at their individual strengths.




mesh pool fence Scottsdale Arizona

Mesh fences offer several benefits that revolve around their lightweight construction and adaptability – primarily their modular composition. With a mesh pool fence, it is easy to create a secure perimeter around the water that the homeowner can easily remove entirely or partially at any time. Mesh panels can roll up quickly, making storage hassle-free. Although the mesh fabric that makes up each panel will not last forever, it is durable enough to provide years of reliable service. Not to mention, some companies like Pool Barrier of Arizona offer lifetime warranties on their mesh pool fences.

Three standard height categories, ranging from 3 feet, to 4 feet, and up to 5 feet tall are available for your mesh fence project. Creating a tailored look that works to align itself with your home visually is made easy with a range of color choices as well. While black is standard, homeowners can choose from brown, tan, white, and blue. Mixing colors such as having your poles one color, and the mesh another is also possible. For pools that require a safety barrier or for families who want flexibility in their pool fencing, a mesh fence provides a cost-effective and safe solution. Though it is not suitable for every application, removable mesh pool fences versatility gives it broad appeal.




iron pool fence scottsdale az

What about choosing a truly durable metal such as iron instead of a fabric mesh? For some homeowners, this will be the more appealing option. The first and most crucial difference is, of course, the permanence of an iron pool fence. An iron fence is not a removable option. Once placed on your property, it is not easily remove afterwards. For individuals who prefer to make a visual statement while also providing safety, a permanent iron fence is definitely the more suitable choice.

Additionally, iron fences can come in an extensive variety of colors, with diverse height options available to suit different tastes. You can even choose to top this type of fencing with extra decorative elements for added visual appeal. With the right kind of care and maintenance, these installations can last a lifetime without ever requiring replacement. For the homeowner who wants to set their pool area apart and add a stunning visual element (and perhaps some value) to their property, iron is an excellent choice.


Ultimately, the decision you make about a pool fence for your Scottsdale home will depend on your circumstances and the features of the pool area in question. Some homes may look better with wrought iron surrounding their pool, while a removable fence can provide convenience, safety, and value over a shorter term. There is no “one size fits all” solution; however, this provides you with an exciting opportunity to improve your pool for years to come. Balance your needs against the available features to help make determining your choice easier.


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