Pool Fence Buying Guide

Residential swimming pools can be a great source of fun and entertainment for the entire family. However, we can’t turn a blind eye to the dangers of having a swimming pool within your property, especially when children and pets are living with you. A swimming pool can be fun, but only as long as it’s safe for the entire family.

Installing a swimming pool fence around the pool area is one of the best ways to make your poolside secure. If it’s your first time getting a pool safety fence, you may find this pool fence buying guide super-helpful. We’ve covered all the aspects of a pool safety fence in this guide to help you choose the best pool fence for your residential swimming pool.

3-Sided or 4-Sided Fence

Your pool fence could either be 3-sided or 4-sided. A 3-sided fence encloses the pool from three sides with your house on the fourth side. A 4-sided fence, as you can tell by the name, secures your pool from all four sides, ensuring that your kids, pets, or intruders don’t get a chance to find their way into your poolside. Therefore, the first thing you got to consider when buying a pool fence is the level of security you want and whether your area’s authorities allow you to have a 3-sided pool fence or a 4-sided one.

Gate Safety

The next thing you need to check before installing a pool fence is whether or not it has a door. A door in the pool fence is particularly important if you’re getting a 4-sided pool fence since it’ll serve as a gateway to the poolside. However, another very important thing that you must consider is how safe is the gate. You need to make sure that the gate isn’t just a show-piece. A child shouldn’t be able to open it independently. If your child can unlock the pool fence gate, it serves no real purpose to make your poolside safe.


Durability is one of the most important factors that you must consider before getting a pool fence installed. It should be strong enough to withstand push from your kids and pets and the harsh treatment of ever-changing weather. The pool fence material’s strength will account for its durability and lifespan, so think it through before investing in any pool fence.


A residential pool should give off the looks of an in-home resort, which is why you should consider the aesthetics of the pool fence. The pool fence buying guide can’t be complete without discussing this very important factor. Before you opt for any pool fence, you should make sure that it is well-aligned with the overall appearance of your yard and your property. It shouldn’t dampen the appeal of your house.


A pool fence is not only a safety barrier for your kids, pets, and intruders, but is also a way of enhancing the visual appeal of a property. So, follow the pointers in this pool fence buying guide before putting your money anywhere. Also, only get a pool fence from a reliable pool fencing company to make sure it stays intact and in good shape for years to come.