Pool Fencing – 5 Factors to Consider

A swimming pool within a property makes way for a lot of enjoyment and quality family time. However, when there is a swimming pool installed, it also puts your children and pets at risk of drowning. This is where pool fencing installation is extremely important.

If you are getting a pool fence installed for the first time, you may not know what to look for in a pool fence. You may even have difficulty choosing the right company to hire for your pool fencing installation. We have listed down the factors that you should consider when getting a pool fence installed.

1. Material and Strength

The first thing that you need to think about when choosing a pool fence is the material used to make the fence and its strength. The material you choose should be strong enough to last a long time, shouldn’t affect the aesthetics of the fence or the pool, and above all, should provide the safety that you want.

Some people prefer a wooden pool fence because it adds to the aesthetics, while some may opt for vinyl fencing because it is easier to maintain. Iron fences, on the other hand, are quite durable. However, the pool fences that are considered the safest are removable mesh fences, as they have been made specifically for pool safety.

2. Permanent or Removable Pool Fence

Pool fencing is of two types; permanent and removable. As the name indicates, a permanent pool fence stays in place for good. In case you ever want to remove it, it will cost a hefty amount. A removable fence, on the other hand, can be removed easily. You can remove a removable pool fence if you want a larger space around the pool to host a party and put it back up when the party is over.

The type of pool fence you get depends on your goals. If the sole reason for getting a pool fence installed is safety, permanent pool fencing is suitable for you. However, if the goal is to improve aesthetics, you can opt for removable pool fences that are available in a number of materials.

3. Cost

One of the most important considerations to make when getting pool fencing installed is the cost. The cost of pool fencing installation is cumulative of the fence and the installation service. We suggest that you keep a reasonable budget for pool fencing so that you can get the right pool fence installed by the right professionals. If you have a tight budget, you can still get pool fencing installed, using pool fences that are not as high-grade in quality.

4. Design

Since your goal is to keep children and pets protected from any swimming pool-related hazards, the pool fencing should be designed to support that goal. The height of the pool fencing should be high enough to keep your children and pets from jumping over it. It should also be see-through so that you can keep an eye on the activities going on in and around your pool.

5. Pool Fencing Installation Company

The right pool fencing installation company will ensure that the pool fencing is installation is done the right way. Therefore, look around and survey options that you have. Hire the one that has the best reputation.


You should make sure that the pool fencing installation meets all your requirements. Whether it’s for safety or aesthetics (or both), the job needs to be done professionally and to the highest standards.