Pool Fencing in Arizona| Types of Pool Fencing in Arizona

A swimming pool requires regular care and maintenance, so you have to take every precaution to keep the swimmers safe as much as possible and at all times.

Having a house with a swimming pool has its perks as well as responsibilities. A well-maintained swimming pool increases your home’s resale value and offers the perfect poolside area for a backyard picnic. However, these pools also pose a risk for adults and children who do not know how to swim. Commercial properties have more responsibility for pool maintenance because they invite community members every single day.

Aside from commercial pools, residential swimming pools are also blamed for being dangerous for children, as they can accidentally fall in the pool and get drowned. Guard your children and family members against the danger of drowning in the pool by opting for high-quality pool fencing in Arizona.

Pool Fencing in Arizona | Make Sure You Meet Height Requirements

You must know that even though the government requires no specific height for pool fencing in Arizona, you must ensure that the minimum height is kept at least four feet for safety purposes.  This way, you will be able to ensure that you made the perfect choice for pool fencing for your business or home. Furthermore, you must carefully read the state laws to see if there are any requirements that you have to meet before installing and purchasing a pool fencing system.

Pool Fencing in Arizona | Don’t Forget to Install Gates

When you are installing a gate that you will use to enter your pool, keep in mind that your gate should be:

  • Self-closing
  • Outwardly
  • Self-latching

A proper and well-structured gate should be installed for safety for both commercial and residential swimming pools.

Pool Fencing in Arizona| Vertical Bar Style

Vertical Bar Fencing in Arizona

Vertical bar fencing is one of the most popular styles of pool fences, be they commercial swimming pools or residential swimming pools. This style meets all safety requirements as well.

It gives you a lot of options to choose from when you want to design the look of your pool. The aesthetic appeal of your pool and good landscaping is promised by this pool fencing style.  The materials used to build a vertical bar fencing are aluminum, vinyl, wood, and wrought iron.

Every material features a different quality in terms of longevity, durability, aesthetics, and flexibility. If you like the outward appearance of vertical bar fencing, you have to carefully select the material you want to use for its construction. You’ll know which one is right for your needs.


So, do not wait to hire pool fencing services in Arizona to have a vertical bar fencing for your pool.