Pool Net and Pool Fence – Comparison

Do you want to know the difference between a pool net and pool fence in Scottsdale, AZ? Here’s a short guide that explains the advantages and disadvantages of both.

Swimming pool safety barriers are helpful and necessary for parents, schools, and communities all across the world. Most organizations have multiple plans for protection against drowning, but the barrier you need to keep your children protected require a close attention.

Pool Safety Net

The pool safety net is a barrier which keeps children protected from open water. The net is spread out over the pool. This covered net is made from the best quality and is thoroughly tested. It enhances the look and design of your pool and captures attention from all visitors. It is also available in different colors, and you can customize it according to your choice.


1) Peacefulness – Since there are low risks of danger, you can experience peace of mind.

2) Safety – You do not have to worry about your kid’s safety now.

3) Colors – It is available in a variety of colors, which give your pool a colorful look.


1) Replacement – Takes time to replace and remove.

Swimming Pool Fence

A swimming pool fence in Scottsdale, AZ is neat and attractive and has a lasting effect. Your pool gets protected by the swimming pool fence in Scottsdale, AZ which adds a vertical barrier. It provides an easier access to your swimming pool. The fence also protects your pool from sunlight and other abrasions. It provides a high amount of protection for your kids and prevents them from drowning. The fencing system often comes with self-handling, self-closing, and key-lockable gates.


1) Pretty – It is available in various colors that capture the attention of people and provide a decent and clean view.

2) Cost-Reducing – Pool fencing systems tend to be cost-effective.

3) Quicker – It provides an easier and rapid access to the pool.

4) Acceptable – It is acceptable by most city and county codes due to its ASTM F2286-05 compliance.


1) Installation can be difficult.

2) It is less flexible in steering around.

3) If the fence is broken into, there is no barrier left between the child and the water.


A pool safety net for a pool typically ranges from about $1500.00 to $2200.00, which includes all the parts, taxes, and the installation charges. However, the pool fencing price is a bit complicated due to its functionalities and color and height options.

In a Nutshell

After reading this blog, we are sure you are familiar with the pros and cons of having a pool net and a pool fence. We hope now you will make a wiser decision when buying a barrier for your pool.