Pool Safety Tips To Follow with Pet Dogs Around

Having a swimming pool at home doesn’t just sound cool, but it is totally fun! You can have a picnic whenever you want. However, if your family has a furry member, you need to be extra careful. You wouldn’t want your beloved pet dog to meet any drowning accidents, would you?

To ensure that your dog is safe at all times, we’ve compiled a list of pool safety tips that you must follow if you have a pet dog at home.

1.     Teach Your Pet Dog To Swim

The first thing you need to do is teach your dog how to swim. Most dogs are natural swimmers, but you need to ensure that your dog can do it efficiently. Teaching your dog to swim is the first and the most critical pool safety tips with pet dogs around. Even if your dog slips into the pool when you aren’t around, they’ll be able to swim and keep themselves from drowning.

2.     Get a Dog Life Vest

Just like you wouldn’t let your kids in the swimming pool without a life vest, why treat your furry baby any different? Invest in a dog life vest. They’re particularly great for dogs that aren’t that good of swimmers. Dog life vests are usually very careful and are highly visible, even from a distance. They provide the much-needed buoyancy that ensures that your dog stays afloat at all times. If you’ve got a swimming pool at home and have a pet dog, this is a must-follow pool safety tip.

3.     Be Extra Careful with Older Dogs

Older dogs are more likely to suffer from health issues like poor vision, arthritis, and seizures, and therefore, are at a higher risk of drowning in the swimming pool. You should be extra careful when letting older dogs in the pool. The best practice is to ask the vet if your dog is fit enough to be in the swimming pool.

4.     Learn How To Do Dog CPR

Learn how to perform CPR and administer artificial respiration in case your dog accidentally drowns in the swimming pool. It is one of the prerequisites of owning a swimming pool and pet dog at the same time. Despite taking all the precautions, you never know when your dog drowns. When that happens, you should be aware of the basic medical measures that can save your dog’s life.

5.     Install a Pool Safety Fence

The most promising pool safety tip for keeping your dog safe and sound around the pool is to install a pool safety fence. The pool safety fence will keep the swimming pool out of the dog’s reach. Select a pool safety fence that is made from material hard enough for the dog to cut its way through and high enough to keep the dog from jumping over it.


Following pool safety tips and installing a pool safety fence for your pet dog is the smartest way of keeping your dog safe at all times, even when you aren’t around. Hire a professional and get the best pet safety pool fence installed if you haven’t yet!