Pros and Cons of Installing a Mesh Pool Fence

One of the major problems homeowners face with a pool is the issue of restricting access to the pool. Yes, we love having a laid-back summer beside the pool, but it is chaos for a family with children and pets. Who wants to be a constant lifeguard at the pool? No one, unless they are paid for it.

What Is A Mesh Pool Fence?

The materials used for fencing pools are various; however, the mesh is currently in high demand. Installing a mesh pool fence is an effective way to block the entry of children or pets. However, is this the only benefit gained from the fence? Let’s look at the pros and cons of installing a pool fence below.

Pros of Installing a Mesh Pool Fence

It Is Retractable

Unlike many pool fences made from glass and wood that need permanently drilling to the ground and must be fixed firmly by digging holes into the surface, a mesh fence is quite easily retractable and movable. The long sheets of mesh are lightweight that adults can take out and replace according to their needs. Some mesh fences are also foldable; these save space if you ever want to store it or haul it from one place to another.

It Is Cost Effective

Another advantage of a mesh pool fence is its cost. The fence is much cheaper than a glass or wooden fence. The mesh is made of synthetic plastic, making a fence easier, and no heavy machinery is required. In contrast, a glass fence requires cutting the glass, polishing it, and making it smoother around the edges, all for it to break by a single heavy blow. These are dangerous steps and mostly heavy on the pocket. Also, the hired fencers would charge less for fitting a mesh fence than a glass fence.

It Doesn’t Break or Burn

The best pro of a mesh pool fence is that the fence is solid against heavy force. Furthermore, some mesh materials have anti-flammable elements, so a little fire could not burn the mesh.

Cons of Installing a Mesh Pool Fence

Not Long-lasting

The mesh fabric has a shorter lifespan than fence materials like glass, metal, or wood. The fabric degrades just like plastic would.

Obstructs the View

Although the mesh is translucent, it still ruins the aesthetics of the pool and also obstructs the view of the pool. Instead, a glass fence would give a good aesthetic vibe to the pool; since it’s transparent, you can watch over everywhere.

Our Final Thoughts

Now that you know the pros and cons of installing a pool fence made of mesh, you can ask a local pool barrier company for an estimated quote for your pool. These companies can do all the hard work for you at a reasonable price, which could save you some time.