When Do You Need to Replace Your Pool Safety Covers?

A swimming pool without a pool safety cover with children and pets around? Not good. As much as having a swimming pool within your property sounds fun, it’s also very risky, especially with children and pets around. You can’t possibly keep an eye on them 24 x 7. If there’s a swimming pool at your property, you need to install a pool safety cover.

If you already have one installed – well and good. But, when was the last time you replaced your pool safety cover? Just having a pool safety cover in place isn’t important. Your pool safety cover should be fully functional. If it’s not, does it even matter if it’s there?

Below are the signs that can tell you that it’s high time you replace your pool safety cover.

Peeling and Flaking

Inspect your pool cover and see if any patches are peeling or flaking. The peeling and flaking of pool covers are signs that your pool safety cover is wearing off and losing its integrity. The spots from where the pool safety cover is peeling become very weak, and the cover will tear even under the slightest of pressure. Since your pool cover is exposed to the sun’s UV rays, the deterioration of the cover is inevitable. It’s only a matter of time that your pool safety cover will give way. If it has already started to peel and flake, you need to replace it right away.

Stiffer than Normal

A high-quality pool safety cover is highly malleable and elastic. A pool cover shouldn’t be stiff. It should be able to withstand pressure. If it’s not elastic, it’ll tear away under pressure. The more elastic a pool cover is, the longer it’ll last. However, if your pool safety cover appears stiffer than usual and brittle to touch, it’s a sign that it’ll no longer withstand pressure. If your pet accidentally walls over it, it’ll tear, and your pet may drown. A still pool cover is bad and if you feel it has lost its elasticity, replace it on priority.

Broken Reel

If the reel of your pool cover breaks, your pool cover becomes a pain. Why? Because you can’t possibly move the heavy pool cover across the entire swimming pool yourself every time you want to use it. It means your pool cover may become non-functional. If the reel breaks while the pool safety cover is open, you can’t roll it over, and if it breaks while the pool safety cover is rolled back, you can unroll it. So you see what we mean when we say your pool cover will become non-functional? The only option that you’ll be left with is to replace it.

Color Change

Your pool safety cover is exposed to sunlight all the time. It’s highly prone to weathering. Your pool safety cover may change color over time. While it may not seem like a problem, a discolored pool cover means that your pool safety cover has weathered and aged and is not as efficient as it once was. Replacing a discolored pool cover is a wise thing to do.

Always make sure you’re getting your pool safety covers from the best professionals if you want your pool cover to last long.