5 Tips to Avoid the Wrong Pool Fencing Contractor

Having a swimming pool on your property is pretty cool. You can have a picnic any day at any time! However, having a swimming pool means you have a lot of responsibility on your shoulders. You wouldn’t want your kids or pets to slip into the pool and get hurt, or worse, lose their life. 

To make sure that your kids and pets are safe when you aren’t around, you should consider getting pool fencing installed. Installing a pool fence will not only cordon off the pool area in your absence but will also provide you with the peace of mind that your family is safe at all times. To make sure that you are getting the best quality fencing and services, you need to hire the right pool fencing contractor. We have listed down some tips that will help you avoid the wrong pool fencing contractor and ensure that you get the right product!

1. Door-to-Door Marketing

If a pool fencing contractor is offering their services door-to-door, the chances that they aren’t either reputable or skilled are high. People who are often new to the business are often seen door-to-door marketing their services. A well-reputed, trained, and skilled contractor will not adopt such a practice. If the contractor you’re considering for your pool fencing installation performs door-to-door marketing of their services, it’s best to look at some other option!

2. Ask You to Get the Required Permits

Different states have different rules and regulations governing the installation of pool fencing. The right pool fencing contractor will get all the necessary permits themselves beforehand to ensure that there is no hindrance during the work. However, if a fencing contractor asks you to find out which permits are needed and then acquire them too, you should take them off your list of options right away!

3. Offer You Left-Over Materials at a Discounted Price

While the idea of getting pool fencing material at a discounted rate may seem tempting, it is not something the right pool fencing contractor will be seen doing. A reputable pool fencing contractor will never offer you left-over materials from an old project at discounted rates. If the contractor does offer you something like this, consider it a red flag and ask around your circle for a reliable pool fencing contractor.

4. No Information Available

The right pool fencing contractor will have a well-established online presence. You will be able to look them up on the web and go through the customer reviews. However, if you fail to find any information about a pool fencing contractor, the chances of you getting ripped off are high. Never hire a pool fencing contractor on whom no information is available.

5. Asks For Upfront Payment

The right pool fencing contractor will provide you a quotation in advance, and you will be required to pay once the job is done. If a pool fencing contractor asks for any amount as an upfront payment, they are the wrong option! Save yourself from any kind of fraud and look for a contractor who doesn’t ask for any upfront payments.


The market is full of fraudulent and unreliable pool fencing contractors. To make sure that you don’t end up hiring one, look for red flags such as unprofessional marketing, inability to get the permits, lack of available information about them, request for upfront payments, etc.