Does Your Pool Fence Need Replacement?

Do you have a swimming pool on your property? That’s great. Do you have a pool fence? Even better. Is your pool fence old and wearing down? Not cool.

The primary purpose of a pool fence is to cordon off the poolside and limit its accessibility for children and pets. If a pool fence is too old, it won’t serve the purpose right. It might collapse on the slightest of the impact, which isn’t something you’ll want.

Your pool fence won’t last forever – if that’s what you’ve got in mind. It’ll get damaged with time, no matter what material of the pool fence you opted for years ago. The wooden fence will get deteriorated. The steel fence would get rusted.

If you aren’t sure whether your pool fence needs to be replaced, continue reading this blog post for signs that it’s high time you should consider getting a pool fence replacement.

Faded Wooden Fence

If your pool fence is made of wood, it will start to fade sooner or later. Slight discoloration is normal in wooden fences. It can even be covered by applying a fresh coat of paint. But extensive fading and discoloration of your wooden pool fence is a sign that it’s time that you get a pool fence replacement. A faded pool fence may not pose any risks, but it just doesn’t look good, especially if you’re trying to maintain the cub appeal of your property. If your pool fence has faded throughout, it might be a sign that it’s rotting from the inside, and that’s when you should know that integrity of your pool fence has gotten affected.

Termite-Infested Pool Fence

Wooden fences are prone to termite infestation. The worst thing about a termite infestation is that by the time you see it, it’s already too late. Termite feeds on wood. It makes hollow tunnels inside the wood, and by the time you detect it, the wood has already gotten hollow from the inside. If your wooden pool fence has gotten infested by termites, you don’t have any other option than to get your pool fence replaced.

Holes and Cracks in the Fence

Small holes and minor cracks in the pool fence are no big deal, but if the holes and cracks are too big, you need to think about getting a new fence. Small kids and your pet animals can easily make their way to the pool through large holes and cracks, which would kill the purpose of having a pool fence in the first place.

Leaning Fence

If you notice that your fence is leaning, you might want to consider getting a new fence. A leaning fence is often a sign that the underground underneath has shifted, and no matter how much you pull the fence to straighten it again, it’ll lean again as the ground underneath isn’t straight anymore. In such a case, fence replacement is the most effective solution.

A pool fence isn’t just a decorative item on your property. It serves a very important purpose – make your property safe for your children and pet animals. If you see any of the signs that indicate the pool fence is damaged beyond repair, it’s best to get a pool fence replacement by a professional.