What is Arizona code for pool fences?

what is arizona code for pool fences

You may be stunned to know that drowning is the major cause of death among children in Arizona. As a safety measure Arizona state legislature has come up with codes and laws for pool fences and you need to comply with them, if you do not want to invite legal actions.


Arizona Code For Pool Fences


Pool Enclosure Requirements Arizona:

If you have a child/ children under 6 years of age:

  • If you have a pool at home with 18 inches or over deep water and over 8 ft. wide, you need to enclose the area with a barrier of fence. Above ground and In ground pools must be surrounded by 5 ft. fence. However the safety system needs to be at a distance of no less than 20 inches away from the water.
  • The wall/ fence shall not have gaps that can allow things with a diameter of 4 inches. The fence should also not have footholds or handholds on the exterior.
  • The opening of the fence shall not be more than 1.3/4 inches, when measured horizontally.


If your living area is part of enclosure:

  • At least a 4 foot fence, which meets the above requirements, must be in place.
  • The pool must be protected by a safety cover that can be operated only through a key switch that complies with the standards.
  • Doors with access to the pool need to be equipped with self- latching equipment. However the latching equipment needs to be at least 54 inches over the floor if the pool area is accessible from emergency windows.
  • Above- ground pools shall not have any climbable exteriors.


Enclosure gate requirements Arizona:

  • Need to be self- closing, self- latching
  • Latch need to be minimum 54 inches over the ground
  • Secure gate that can be opened with a key/ electric opener
  • From the swimming pool, the gate need to open outward



Comply with Arizona Code For Pool Fences And stay Safe!